Voyager Elite Force Linux Server Stuff

Gzipped tarball with everything but your .pk3 files

This zip file contains these files:

linuxstvefded_1.2-glibc2.1.3 - The linux server binary
baseEF/server.cfg - Example configuration file
start - Script used to start it
rc - Script for local console to server - can change gravity, etc
rc.real - Binary that 'rc' script calls
rc.c - Source code to rc.real


  • Make a directory named /usr/local/games/stvef

  • Chown it to a non-root user. In my examples, I'll use brad.users.

  • Login as that user, and go to /usr/local/games/stvef.

  • Untar the file. tar xvzf /path_to_stvef.tgz

  • Edit the baseEF/server.cfg file and replace 'yourpassword' with the rcon password you want to use.

  • Edit the rc script and replace 'yourpassword' with the password you chose in the previous step.

  • Copy your pak*.pk3 files to the baseEF directory, and any other .pk3 files you're interested in. Just ftp the files from your Windows box -- c:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\baseEF to /usr/local/games/stvef/baseEF. Be careful not to copy over too many custom .pk3 files -- your server might become confused and crash (it happened to me). Just use the pak*.pk3 files and a few choice ones.

  • Run the start script.

  • Enjoy!